BMW M4 CS 2018: confirmed your presentation in Shanghai 2017


Teaser of the new BMW M4 CS.

Finally, BMW has waited until the month of April to unveil the new M4 CS, the version of bridge that will be situated half-way between the M4 standard and the more radical M4 GTS. After having seen it on seen it on several occasions during his evidence, it seems that will be the Hall of Shanghai, the event in which the signature of Munich will unveil the new version of the range M4.

For the moment we only have two images as a teaser, which does not reveal much, but they are enough to be able to identify the new BMW M4 CS. A version that has been quite expected (and rumored) in the past few months and that will have a lot in common with the M4 CS limited edition enjoyed some of the customers of the brand in our market.

To corroborate his arrival in the chinese salon has been the division, BMW China the charge of publishing these first images, in which we can clearly see the new front of the model, with the headlights modified and new splitter, more aggressive and under.


Unit testing of the M4 CS.

In the first image we also appreciate the new alloy wheels 763M of the German brand, while in the second teaser we find a GIF image that shows the operation of the optical rear OLED, in addition to a visible rear spoiler fixed.

In regards to its mechanics, we expect a performance similar to that of the M4 Competition Sport, a model that already face in this wording in front of the M4 GTS, and that delivering 450 HP and 550 Nm of torque, figures only slightly above the M4 base. And as for your rack, we hope to find a setup for something more fine-tuned than that of the conventional model, with the presence of carbon fiber in many

Following this model, it is likely that we will see come more versions with the
surname CS
, as BMW recorded a few months, all of the
potential names between M1 and M8 with that combination of acronyms.