BMW M4 CS, 60 unique units for Spain


After this silhouette is a new model of BMW that the German manufacturer has just revealed, will hit the domestic market in the format of limited edition of 60 units and exclusive to our country, it is the BMW M4 CS.

In this way, the Spanish subsidiary of the manufacturer of Munich wants to complete the range of sports BMW M with a version of aggressive looks, sensations, and mechanical sports, but, with the practicality driving in the day-to-day with the versatility of some of the compounds equipped in this edition as their rear seats, without going any further.

Mechanically making his point is not “feat”, and this is why it is loaded with components that give it an extra interesting enough to be placed above the M4 Coupe, but without getting to the radicalization that shows the M4 GTS. Proof of that are their brakes carbo-ceramic or the very interesting chassis M adaptive of the bavarian manufacturer.

Prestacionalmente, and in the absence of concrete details of its propeller, the model will be also halfway in between the versions above with a increase of power to be in the range between 431 and 500 HP and a tip speed electronically limited 280 Km/h, instead of 250 Km/h, all of this by equipping the automatic gearbox of double clutch M DKG 7-speed as the only option.

Your body, also receives certain cosmetic changes that make it more aggressive and radical; proof of this are their 20-inch wheels size, their prominent rear spoiler, sport seats new recipe or the incursion of some elements in PRFC (carbon fiber) along the vehicle.

By the time we are unaware of specific details in what it gives its final price or certain items of equipment and optional, but from the press department of the BMW EspaƱa promise that the first half of this 2016 will your arrival at the dealers (if it is come to be walked on).

We already have wanting to know more.