BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition in 2016, a winner in limited edition

The Championship Touring car German, the DTM, has closed the season 2016 on the Hockenheim circuit. After an arduous battle, Marco Wittmann has been proclaimed champion with his M4, after a long time has been the car more regularly. To celebrate this special moment, the brand has now launched the BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition 2016.


unique Style for a car very special. A small present to herself of BMW for their DTM 2016

this Is a recreation, more civilized, of course, is the M4 champion. BMW has managed to create a limited series of 200 units which will have a particular style thanks to the addition of details such as the vinyls of M in the body and various aerodynamic appendages, such as the spoiler, which is very reminiscent to that of a BMW M4 CS.

The truth is that the look is as fierce as the designers have wanted to. The elements of design M Performance meet with its goal to perfection, proving that with a few tweaks you can get a M4 of more fear than already usual. In addition to are added to the headlights OLED to the rear.

But the tweaks have not focused only on the body, so the interior also received some that another element. Since it is a replica DTM, the passenger must go to game with the subject, and therefore installed two baquets carbon fiber with harnesses of four points.


In the interior breathes the atmosphere of racing, but with all the luxury equipment you would expect

A sports steering wheel M is also installed, as well as a roll cage that takes the place of the rear seats, as it already happened in the BMW M4 GTS. All of this is to add an equipment, that this time yes, this is very different from a competition car, since the 200 units of the M4 DTM Champion Edition, they come with everything.

But obviously need to figure out what is the performance of this edition is so limited and diverse of the BMW M4. Well, the engineers have laid hold of the work carried out in the GTS so you can incorporate it in the DTM Champion Edition. It keeps the block and the features, but the power is increased in this case up to 500 horses.

however, unlike the most radical street car, this M4 does not employ a system of water injection. The increase in power is due to tinkering with electronics. Thanks to them we get a acceleration from 0 to 100 Km/h in just 3,8 seconds and a top speed of 305 Km/h.


The aesthetic is enhanced with aerodynamic appendages of the division M Performance

As we have already said, will only be 200 units that walked on the streets of the whole world. As to its price, BMW has put the starting price in 148.500 euros German. That is to say a price of 50,000 euros higher than that of a M4 conventional. Is the price to pay for so much honour, so much glory, power and exclusivity.