BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition to celebrate the title in the DTM

BMW M4 DTM Champion EditionYesterday, Marco Wittmann was crowned, for the second time in his life, as Champion of the DTM after the end of the Grand Prix of Hockenheim. Now, just a few hours after you win the title and with the hangover of the celebration, the German brand announced that it will build 200 units for the whole world BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition by way of tribute.

The changes compared to a BMW M4 conventional are not only the vinyl aesthetic with the colors of BMW Motorsport that we see on the body with the color white Alpine, but much more. As a propellant used for the BMW M4 GTS injection of water, with its 500 hp and 600 Nm, in addition to a 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds and a top speed electronically limited to an impressive 305 km/h.

BMW M4 DTM Champion EditionThe above-mentioned body, in addition to eye-catching colors of BMW Motorsport, and several elements of the aerodynamic made of carbon fiber, which improve the stability and handling at high speeds, although they also play in favor of the exercise of design high sportsmanship carried out in the coupe of the German firm. For its part, the mirrors, the side skirts and back spoiler have also been performed on this material. The dark wheels multirradio as well as the outline of the kidneys front put the icing on the cake, but only on the outside because on the inside there is so much more.

cabin receives a few changes, more daring even than those on the outside. The interior cabin deletes the rear seats to lighten weight, and it becomes a sporty two-seater that has been equipped with a robust roll cage. The sports seats type backet upholstered in leather and alcantara, which offer both a belt as well as a few harnesses for use in circuit, and the sports steering wheel feel to the driver and its occupant to a very high sportiness similar to the one that can feel like a racing driver.

BMW M4 DTM Champion EditionAs we have already mentioned, made 200 units for all the world of this BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition, which is a guarantee that in the future it will be a vehicle very sought after. Its price, that yes, is no easy undertaking; and it is that in Germany rub the 150,000 euros, 148.500 euros specifically.

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