BMW M4 GT4, 2018 will be ready for the new racing machine

BMW M4 GT4 bocetoBMW wants to continue increasing its legacy in the competition and we show for the first time your last vehicle. This is the BMW M4 GT4, a more radical sports coupe. As its name indicates, is approved in the category of GT4 FIA and its debut is set for the season 2018. For the moment we can only see it in this sketch, but it is clear that will not leave anyone indifferent.

This new model will begin its development phase in the circuit at the end of this year. After you open the term order and the first units will reach their customers in the second half of 2017. Just in time for the private teams can start the season 2018 with this new machine. Comes to replace the previous BMW M3 GT4, which was introduced back in the year 2009.



Due to the regulations, the M4 GT4 competition will not be so different M4 street. Its mechanics and electronics are exactly the same, without any amendment. Therefore we find the engine of six-cylinder biturbo 3.0-liter that delivers 431 HP of series. Luckily we found some modifications like the hood and the doors of carbon fiber or the prominent aero kit.

there will Also be elements that we have seen previously in the BMW M6 GT3. A sports exhaust, race seats and sport brakes are listed in this M4 GT4. It is not surprising taking into account that occupies a place in the range of BMW Motorsport between the M235i Racing and the M6 GT3. Already we are eager to know the BMW M4 GT4, although there will be wait a few months to see it in flesh and bone,

Source – BMW

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