BMW M4 vs Tesla Model S P85D: This Tesla needs more than tons of electrical torque to beat a M4

In recent months we have come to see Tesla Model S facing all kinds of sports. A customer obsession that has been fueled by the brand through such enormous versions like the Tesla Model S P85D 700 hp and momentarily focused their full potential, like the recently released ridiculously systems. But is it really a factor this amount Customer sports? Have to worry because an electric Tesla is able to extort two bodies in the first meters?

The immediate thrust of its electric motor and four-wheel drive, have made the Tesla Model S P85D is able to win in drag racing sporting dream, at least in the first m.

A drag race takes more than brute strength, traction requires . Probably the Tesla Model S P85D is faster than most sports we know in the first few meters, for its ability to drive and offers amazing thrust electric motor to reach high speeds. At which time, and as shown in this duel with a BMW M4 , all the efforts of Tesla to keep the wake of a sport like BMW M4 are useless.

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