BMW M4, we discovered the upgrade of the beast in the south of Spain


The new M4 will look very similar to the current model

Within the wide range of models that have BMW, few raise so much passion and admiration as the M4. In just two years, is the time it takes in the market, the latest version sports the BMW 4 Series has won accolades from all over the world. Soon will come an update that we have already discovered in the south of Spain.

The truth is that it is not the first time we see him, we already did this for the first time late last month. However never ceases to amaze us the look so menacing and sporty of the variant coupé of the BMW M3. In fact, this unit is the same as that goes we saw, except that in this occasion has changed the German soil for our own.

Still wearing the same vinyl camouflage. They focus on the nose, the hood and the rear. BMW wants to improve the aerodynamic performance of the M4, and this is why we see you as the front design varies, with a lower lip more prominent, air intakes larger, and especially with a rear spoiler fixed that is much larger than the current.


nothing will change except for a few electronic settings, and an improvement in aerodynamics

These will be the main cosmetic changes that we see in the new M4, though there are also that add technology from the BMW M4 GTS. The taillights already look your final appearance, and despite being camouflaged, easily distinguishes the OLED technology is already present in the version most radical of the coupe.

In the interior do not expect big changes, I must say that this is an upgrade, not a renovation. Therefore the general aspect of the passenger compartment will be equal to or almost equal to. Yes that will improve the systems and technology available, with elements of last generation that will be awarded one point more technology to this beast.

Where there will not be changes is in the engine. The current six-cylinder in-line TwinPower Turbo will continue wearing their 431 horses of rigor. A power that fits like a glove to the BMW M4. Follow the plans as they are fixed, the update will be presented at the end of this year, while it will not reach the market until next year.


The rear lights clearly show its OLED technology