BMW M5 2018: first image to the bare-sedan


This is the first image of the new BMW M5.

A preview of the next installment of the franchise Need for Speed seems to have been commissioned to reveal the first image to the bare of the new BMW M5, to show us a frame in which we can clearly see the front of the sport sedan. The little stops view fits perfectly with the images CAD that is percolated a few months ago, and the own presentation of the M5 is very close already at the time, so it could even have been a leak controlled.

In the image we can see the aggressive bumper of the new M5, with the same shapes and volumes that showed the filtration of the CAD files, in which were some large air intakes in the lower area of the bumper, with the center tap with the classical forms of the models M and reliefs curved around it. In the picture also seen the same type of grid and the own logo M5 mounted on the grill of vertical slats.

Precisely only a few weeks ago, BMW had the new M5, even camouflaged completely, and revealed the first technical details of this new generation. This will have a V8 engine of 4.4 liters and twin-turbo that should deliver something more than 600 HP, and for the first time in the history of the model, the client will be in the dealer with the option of having rear-wheel-drive classic or the option to mount the all-wheel drive system xDrive, with 5 possible configurations. The transmissions available are a manual and a automatic Steptronic 8-relationships.


Recreation of the new BMW M5, in hind sight.

In regards to your rack, the M5, 2018 shall have a rear differential M active developed from the available to the current M3 and M4, which will be faster and more accurate, which in combination with a chassis that is more rigid and lighter , plus the new adaptive dampers and all-wheel drive system configurable, allow a remarkable improvement of the dynamic performance and the stability of the sports sedan German.

The release date of this new generation of the M5 has not been revealed, but we all hope to see you at the next Frankfurt motor show 2017, which is celebrated the next month of September, while its marketing could begin just before the end of this year.

In the lower video you can see Frank van Meel, CEO of BMW M GmbH, showing the benefits of the new frame in combination with all-wheel drive xDrive optional, one of the documents that the mark has already submitted model, so that the unit that appears in the images appears for the time being camouflaged, like any prototype development more.