BMW M5 F90: three units caught in the video show us your bass drone sound


Up to 3 units can be seen in the new video.

No one, but three copies of the new BMW M5 have been left to burn recently in video in Norway, near the base of operations of the brand in the country, and although they were traveling at a low speed, in a moment of the video already intuited the hoarse sound that emanates from its 4 outputs escape.

This is not the first time that we can observe the new sports version of the 5 Series G30. Last summer we were able to see one of the test units of the new generation M5 F90 while shooting in the wilderness, and shortly after that, filtered images CAD with the design of the front and the rear of the sport sedan.

The 3 units that appear in the video continue having a deep camouflage, even if you already have a front bumper quite a bit more prominent in previous occasions, with aggressive air intakes and a new rear diffuser..


In the interior little is left to see.

The video also shows, for a few seconds, the interior of the model, where we find many elements of measurement and diagnosis, but nothing relevant. Overlook the new sports seats, with a more aggressive riding her predecessor, but not be seen too clearly.

The star of the new M5 F90 will be without any doubt your powerplant. The engine we already know that it will be a supercharged V8 of 4.4 liters that will be able to dispose of up to 620 HP, and as a novelty, the new M5 will premiere the all-wheel-drive xDrive for the first time in the model, although this will be the decision of the client, as it will be also available the rear-wheel-drive traditional.

The date of presentation of the new M5 is very close, has not been
, but is expected to be in the next Room
Frankfurt, germany, where Audi will also unveil the new generation of the A8.