BMW M5 First Edition 2018: exclusivity limited to 400 units

BMW M5 First Edition

BMW M5 First Edition, a limited edition of 400 units.

The new BMW M5, 2018 is now a reality. The sixth generation of the sports saloon bursts on the scene with great technological advances and mechanical. Many are the novelties offered by the most radical and extreme of the BMW 5 Series. Among them, the engine V8 4.4 M TwinPower Turbo with 600 BHP and 750 Nm of torque, as well as the new M Steptronic eight-speed transmission and drive system M xDrive.

But, beyond the mechanics, we have a new image up and down as well as the most innovative technology developed by BMW, or your division sports. An example of this is that it is equipped with all the systems of driving assistance and connectivity options with the BMW 5-Series that is currently available in dealerships.

To take advantage of the pull-up business that, inevitably, you will have the BMW M5, 2018, the brand has announced a limited edition. The BMW M5 First Edition. Its production will be limited to 400 units, and will be offered at the global level. Sales will start this year, beginning this fall. Although the first deliveries will not take place until 2018. But, what is the difference between the M5 First Edition of the conventional model? Let’s take a look at the pictures that accompany the article.

BMW M5 First Edition - interior

this is the interior of the BMW M5 First Edition.

the exterior of The BMW M5 First Edition will present a finish in the unique color Frozen Dark Red metallic and also includes details on Shadow Line house brand BMW Individual. Elements such as the grille, double kidney, gills M, or the four exhaust outlets, is presented in black color with gloss finish. And if that weren’t enough, we have series a alloy wheels of 20 inches, also in black.

In what regards the interior, the M5 First Edition also features with various interesting details. From the trim in piano black to plate, identification with the number of unit located on the center console. It features sport seats M multifunction and leather upholstery white with the contrast stitching.

┬┐When we will see it in the market? will form parallel to the BMW M5, that is to say, the new M5 First Edition will be available from the spring 2018. Its production will end in the month of June of the next year. In regards to your price, will have a surcharge of 19.500 euros, a figure that many shuffled if it will be worth it because of the firstfruits offering this limited edition.