BMW M8, 2018: we take a first look at its interior

BMW M8 2018 - foto espía interior

Photo spy of the interior of the new BMW M8, 2018.

Just a few hours after it was presented in an official way a prototype of the new BMW M8, 2018 during the BMW M Festival, which takes place parallel to the Nürburgring 24 Hours, our photographers have managed to take a series of snapshots of its interior. We can already take a sneak look at the cockpit from the variant most radical and sports, who will be in the range of the future 8 Series BMW.

If we pay attention in these spy photos of the interior of the new M8 Coupe, we see that a large part of the passenger compartment is completely covered by fabric to prevent many of the elements and finishes are in sight. Even the gear lever is blocked. However, the screen, multi-function steering wheel, air outlets or the box of instruments are uncovered.

on the other hand, and leaving aside the images of the interior, if we look at the rest of the photographs that accompany this article, we can appreciate more in detail the largest brakes that will equip the BMW M8, 2018 or the sports exhaust system that will bring the note of the melody to the sporty German luxury. We have also managed to photograph close up your headlights and optical rear.

BMW M8 2018 - foto espía posterior

To detail the exhaust system of the new BMW M8, 2018 with its four outputs.

is Not standard but in recent times we have seen how BMW is aficionando to bring forward their future releases, through the “laying length” of prototypes camouflaged. While we hope to debut the BMW 8 Series 2018 (the model that will arrive at dealers next year), we already know that there will be a variant BMW M available in your range.

in Addition, the BMW M8 will carry in their genes the world of competition as the manufacturer is developing the BMW M8 GTE, a racing car with which BMW Motorsport will return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, one of the most important competitions.

new Series 8 is the answer of BMW to be able to compete with the Mercedes S-Class Coupe and S-Class Cabrio. For its part, the BMW M8 will with the Mercedes-AMG S 63 Coupe. The BMW 8 Series has been anticipated through the 8 Series Concept, a prototype that gives us an insight of the design of the new coupé German.