BMW Madrid will offer locators Detector free for their customers


BMW Madrid will offer locator anti-theft free to their customers

BMW Madrid is well ahead of the competition and is committed to providing of the form free to all its customers the possibility of install the security service Detector when purchasing a vehicle. An advanced security system anti-theft with which the client gains peace of mind to the possible theft of your new BMW, in addition to other benefits.

The agreement between BMW and the Detector includes a device, installation and 12 months of service, free everything for the client. As a complement also benefits from other features such as for example to manage remotely, the GPS tracking system from our smartphone or tablet.

The security service Listener implements functions of location and recovery of stolen vehicles. The figures speak for themselves: an average of 2.5 hours of recovery and a rate higher than the 95% efficiency. Group Detector has a collaboration agreement with the Ministry of the Interior, which implies a direct link with the Forces and Bodies of Security of the State.

Group Listener is a company 100% Spanish, with a history of more than 10 years experience in the sector of safety and mobility, the market leader in safety, technology M2M and ecosystems IOT. Use the rf as an added value to your service GPS to the possibility of facing inhibitors that override the signal of satellites.