BMW Motorrad offers you to integrate your mobile phone on the handlebar of your bike

There are a few users who used already in mobile in your car as browser. It is easy to sit on highway, driving on any city, with drivers who have taken their smartphone up to the moon front to that this exercise of browser and it does not, the bikes have not been immune to this use and is also easy to check as more and more motorists are turning to the help of a smartphone. To facilitate the task of securing it to our bike BMW Motorrad, the division of two wheels BMW, launched a new support for smartphone.

A perfect solution for bringing browser on your BMW, how is your price? We will have to wait still to know

Available for terminals up to 5 inches this support not only provides us with a good way to strengthen our smartphone to our bike, but it also includes a screen, anti-reflective to protect it from the elements at the time that this receives a load through a takes micro USB or wirelessly by induction, if our smartpohne so permits, through the standard Qi.

The support is done in gel, is non-slip and anti-vibration, and in addition ayuad to evacuate the heat of the mobile.

For now we’ll have to wait to use this support BMW Motorrad as it will be available in the second quarter of 2016. Its price has not yet been announced.