BMW Motorrad start implementing carbon fiber chassis motorcycle

The dedication of BMW face to apply carbon fiber to their vehicles massively is enviable. On the one hand, the fact that more and more vehicles used on the chassis reduces their cost, and provides a competitive advantage to those vehicles for competition. After using carbon fiber and CFRP extensively in the i3 and i8 – and also in parts of the chassis of the new 7 Series – BMW shall follow this lightweight and resistant material construction motorcycle chassis, starting with the high-end sports.

Gradually, BMW will democratizing carbon fiber for all types of vehicles.

BMW Motorrad have already tested prototypes with carbon fiber chassis and is precisely the origin of the image that presides over this article, provided by Motorcycle News. It seems that BMW has patented two designs of carbon fiber chassis, one aimed to replace the Trellis (tubular) type chassis and the other to the diamond type frame of their more sports motorcycles. The result is a chassis to a lighter than a steel chassis and aluminum, a material commonly used in its construction 40%.

bmw-serie-7-historia-110915-18 The curing process carbon fiber is interrupted before completion, allowing proper molding face the intricate frame of a motorcycle. In its initial configuration applied to a BMW SS1000RR – top model in the German Supersport – the new carbon fiber chassis consists of eight parts. These eight pieces are then joined by carbon fiber sheets and subsequently cured completely in the autoclave is granted once properly.

BMW has its own facilities dedicated exclusively to the production of carbon fiber and CFRP .

For tubular type Trellis chassis, the process simply requires making hollow tubes of carbon fiber. These tubes are subsequently joined by metal clamps or other carbon fiber. The Trellis type carbon fiber chassis would be released in the more distant future , after the diamond frame. The limited production of sports motorcycles not saturate the production capacity of carbon fiber BMW , and give them an excellent testing ground.

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