BMW Motorrad wants you to use your mobile for something more than to play Pokemon Go

BMW, through its division motorcycles, BMW Motorrad, joins Rever, what is Rever? A website, supported in a mobile application, which aims to give service to the motorists of the face plan your routes, see the routes of other users, share your stretch of mountain favorite… why have united BMW and Review?

By now the German firm has not declared what are the intentions of this marriage, have not given clue whatsoever about which will be the next step in this collaboration, but it has been shown from BMW its vision of the motorist of this, the next few years, one motorist connected, something that gives all the sense in the world that BMW is interested in a start-up like this.

What possibilities are opened after this union?

Imagine a version of Review specific to BMW, giving support to a community of owners. That is to say, the same thing that offers to be Reviewed but on a limited basis to users of BMW, sharing routes, for example, ideal for the GS, with a touch of offroad, recommended local show off the latest changes that you have done to your BMW R NineT or for example, by devising your trips to the “loins” of the BMW C Evolution in the city in function of the charging points available.

Recently Ducati has surprised us with an application inspired by the Ducati Scrambler:

Recently Ducati has also announced an app that, with the name of “Taste of Joy” suggests a broad repertoire of sites where you can taste dishes of “food street”, “street food” that sounds better. Yes, the downside of this application is that, at least for now, is limited to Italy.