BMW Motorsport reorganized its teams in the DTM


BMW Motorsport has restructured its teams in the face
season 2017
, with the DTM series that suffers major changes. After the
joint decision-making with Audi Sport and Mercedes-AMG to reduce from eight to six cars per brand, the signature of Munich has decided that the Team RMG and Team RBM
are the structures that remain in the DTM
. For its part, the Team Schnitzer
again compete in the endurance races with the BMW M6 GT3, while
the Team MTEK will focus its efforts on the entry of BMW in the WEC in the
season 2018.

BMW Team Schnitzer, the team that was awarded the victory in
the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the BMW V12 LMR, will be leaving the DTM to switch to
lead the project GT of the brand in Europe
, with a clear character also
resistance. In principle, the structure will focus its efforts in competing
with the BMW M6 GT3, being feasible to do so in the Blancpain GT Series and in
the VLN German, with the 24 Hours of Nürburgring as a reference. All in all, BMW
Motorsport will not withdraw their support in the scenario GT3 Rowe Racing and Schubert

For his part, the Team MTEK also leave the DTM after competing
from 2013 to 2016
, but it will do so with a great goal. The training will be the
in charge of start off with the preparations for the entry of BMW in the class
WEC in the season 2018. The team will work very
closely with BMW Motorsport in the design and development of the vehicle that
will compete with leading brands in the Endurance World. Though
is defined yet which vehicle it will be used for this purpose, different
sources point to the new BMW M8