BMW officially the name M7


BMW M760Li, currently the most powerful version and is exclusive to the range of the BMW Series 7

The manufacturer of Munich, has said by active and passive, in more than one or two occasions, that is not interested to launch the market a sports version of its flagship prepared by the division of sport BMW M, on the grounds that it is not a model that lends itself to such a goal, because would lose all the character of the vehicle of representation holds.

in Front of this observation and to silence the demands of the fans more passionate to the brand -some without the necessary purchasing power to be done with a single unit – BMW launched the M760Li, a version with a true sporting character, based on the model of distance between axes elongated and equipped with a powerful engine twelve-cylinder V-that develops a maximum power of 610 horses, a level of force -no less than 800 Nm of torque – only compared with a missile to accelerate in 3.7 seconds to 100 km/h from a standing start.

With these figures, BMW considered that was sufficient for their customers and, in a way, silenced the rumors that had been giving for years. But, the manufacturer has done an official registry in the united States ensuring use of the trade name “M7”. Suffice it to say that doing a deeper search, we have been able to see that it has also been registered in other markets of the world, some already active and other pending confirmation, which can be an indication of the intentions of BMW for the next generation of the Series 7.


documentary Evidence of the official record of the name M7 on the part of BMW

In 2015 there has already been some internal studies that pointed to a demand enough to produce the model, but was discarded. A few years later, a spy photos of a 7 Series with some large brake discs drilled foreshadowed the arrival of the M7, a prototype finally became the M760Li.

it Is well known that the argument that Mercedes offers up to two sport versions of its flagship -the S 63 AMG and S 65 AMG- nor is reason enough for the bavarian pointing directly at the Audi S8, model of the four rings which is just the sportsmanship, the same concept of the full current range. And it is not easy to transmit a very high power to the ground with a great weight that would not fall of two tons, and the typical dynamic character that offers some extreme sensations of BMW M. they Can do it perfectly but today lI SUV great performance are the kings of the margins.

For now we do not have news from our sources that we are pointing in this direction see M7 taking advantage of the facelift of the BMW 7 Series will arrive in a year, but may be a loophole to view the article with the new M8 Coupé and M8 Cabrio that will come also the next year models that may have opened the door to a version of the high-performance in order not to leave only the Panamera.