BMW opens an exclusive dealer for the “i” in Tokyo

Did you ever think it makes sense to open a dealership for a sub? BMW and Mercedes already have experience in exclusive centers for Motorsport and AMG – respectively – in affluent countries such as the UAE. BMW begins a new experience in Tokyo, opening a showroom for sub “i” , currently composed of the i3 and i8. A different concept, not so focused on sales, but to inform these innovative – and expensive -. Vehicles

The price per square meter in Tokyo is the highest in the world.

A dealer in which an expert – called BMW Genius – answers questions and provides information on these hybrid and electric vehicles. The border between the car and a technology product – such as an iPhone – is almost nonexistent in this type of car, it is no wonder the name of the expert, clearly inspired by the Genius Bar Apple . Anyway, this dealer-showroom, called BMW i Megacity Studio – is already operating in Japan. And hiding a few secrets.

bmw-i-megacity-studio-6 For example, your ceiling is covered with solar panels that are loaded with the available test i3. The excess energy is used to feed electricity to the showroom. Despite its organic and close, in building the showroom appearance have been used materials used in the construction of i3 and i8: carbon fiber, light metals and recycled wood. The end result is an excellent showcase for innovation BMW in the automotive field. What do you think of this beautiful space?

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Source: BMW Blog
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