BMW persenta the new and enigmatic Remote app View 3D


First image revealed of the new system Remote View 3D.

BMW reveals to us in an enigmatic video in the form of a teaser one of the new features of the new generation G30 Series 5, which will be revealed in the coming month of October. Called Remote View 3D, this new application will allow us to see and know that happens in every moment around our vehicle, although neither the video nor the note of presentation indicate the way in which the system operates.

According to what we can extract from the video, really thin on details, from the own smartphone, the customer may have remote access to what is happening around their vehicle, but not specified nor shown exactly in that way.

we Understand that using mechanisms such as parking cameras, the customer will see in your terminal is a mobile representation of your vehicle and everything that surrounds him at all times. A utility that seems like very useful when the vehicle is parked without surveillance, or for parking maneuvers.


Mule testing the new BMW 540e hybrid.

For the moment, BMW has not revealed more details about the new system, but that seems to be in the video, in the screen creates a 3D representation of the vehicle, which we imagine will allow the user to interact in multiple perspectives.

BMW has not revealed or more data or new possible date of presentation of this new functionality, which we understand will be revealed to the full when the brand lift the veil of this new generation of the sedan of the segment E premium.