BMW, Porsche, and Nissan could be banned in South Korea

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The Dieselgate of the Volkswagen Group has prompted many countries have been made investigate the emission of cars that sell the brands in your soil. One of the most active countries in these investigations is South Korea and they say it to Volkswagen. After the scandal has had to stop selling several of its models for that documentation had been issued for the compliance of the emissions of several of their engines were “fake” and therefore they were forced to stop the sales.

The problem is that not only the Volkswagen Group is being studied by the government of Seoul. As we have been able to find the manufacturer of cars japanese Nissan, the super sports belonging to the Volkswagen Group Porsche and BMW Group would be in the eye of the hurricane. According to the Ministry of Environment of south korea would be thinking of banning sales of certain models of these brands for have falsified the documentation of the emissions.

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Porsche would have affected three of its models, Nissan two, and BMW one. You have not specified the authorities of South Korea are the models that are being investigated and that they could no longer be sold in the country until their documentations are up to date. While the ministry is carrying out the relevant research has been communicated to the brands who could be forced to see the sales of these models suspended.

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The Ministry of Environment South Korea has sent a press release in which it also indicates that they are thinking of fining the local authorities of origin of the manufacturers. The reason is that in the ministry understand that the deception has been carried out between the brand and the governments from where come the cars affected.

finally, the resolution of this conflict will know before the end of the year and the marks would have a reasonable time to put in order the documentation of their cars.

we’ll see what happens.