BMW presented the 5 Series, the self-employed and a viewer holographic at CES 2017


BMW 5-Series self-contained prototype.

BMW has made a strong commitment for the CES show in las Vegas, bringing two new features absolute to this contest. On the one hand we find with the system BMW HoloActive Touch, an evolution of the technology Air Touch that was presented last year at the same fair, and on the other a prototype autonomous based on the new Series 5.

The system BMW HoloActive Touch goes a step further than the current touch screens, providing the user a display hologram of the functions that appear on the screen. Opera combining elements of a head-up display with the system of gestural control. So the user actually does not touch anything more than the air.

This system for the moment is only a study jointly conducted by BMW with the company Ultrahaptics, so that we don’t know if you really see it applied in a brief to the models of the German brand.


The system BMW HoloActive Touch.

What we will soon see is the result of the study shows that the prototype presented, a 5 Series, 2017 can operate by itself. This prototype has a computer that can check the position of the vehicle and the environment through a digital map, so that the user can assign to the machine control of the vehicle.

This prototype also features important developments in the area of connectivity, had access to Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Now, to provide function of video to the passengers. Once connected, turn off the interior lights and closes the curtains in the rear. When buying something on Amazon, you can even request pickup at one of the points of the route that is in progress.

The result of this prototype, we should ver resulted in a model
real before 2021
. Probably installed in a 5-Series or in a Series
7, in the form of an auto-pilot which probably will operate in several
levels of autonomy, selectable by the user.