BMW R nineT Scrambler: the nineT becomes (more) adventurous

Before the summer BMW not tempted with the BMW Concept Path 22, a scrambler that left very clear the intentions of the German firm to go out of the asphalt with the BMW R nineT. Now this indecent proposal has become a reality, the BMW R nineT Scrambler comes to offer us a new and compelling vision with a touch of offroad of the “roadster” of BMW.

The mechanics of the R nineT Scrambler develops 110 bhp, being so close to one of their rivals, the Yamaha XSR900, with 115 hp

Inspired by the scramblers of the 50’s and 60’s nineT Scrambler arrives to propose a new rate of suspensions is more appropriate to use on earth, a driving position more comfortable, tires adapted to use outside of the asphalt and a new exhaust system that adopts the position of classic of this type of mounts. All of this added to the already well-known charm of the R nineT.

BMW has already thought that the client of this frame will look in many cases customize, and beyond the options official BMW it has been easy to adapt elements of other firms, meeting with anchors to change the position of the rear light and registration or an electrical system that facilitates the task of changing the headlight or the turn signals when you have two decks of well-differentiated cords, the engine management and the managers of the peripherals, electrical.

elements to customize from BMW our nineT Scrambler we find a deposit of aluminum hand-polished with welds sanded visible, an exhaust manifold chrome, a seat track, a grate for the beacon, a dorsal typical of the bikes of classic races or a dome.


it will Not take too much in seeing preparations with this bike as the basis, BMW has been thought the fever “cafe racer” and has made easy the task of customizing this new R nineT Scrambler

Mechanically BMW R nineT Scrambler is in the hands of the well-known propellant boxer flat-twin air-cooled and oil 1,170 cc, a mechanism that develops a power of 110 hp to 7.750 rpm with a torque of 116 Nm at 6,000 rpm. BMW has adapted the mechanics with a new map and a new active carbon filter to overcome the rules of gas UE4.

For its part cycle, we use a tubular chassis of steel specific to this version counting, as we already demonstrated the R nineT, with a sub-frame detachable which allows us to adopt a configuration two-seater or single-seater.

The front fork telecópica has been accompanied for the occasion with a rubber bellows to reinforce their image offroad. This fork conventional has tubes of 43 mm with a distance of 125mm. A monobrazo Paralever is in charge of the rear axle..

For its tires used wheels 19 inch on the front axle and the 17-inch in the rear end by having the series be able to choose among tires of asphalt or tires of earth.


Next to these wheels we find discs of 320 mm on the front, and a disc 265mm on the train later being the ABS part of the endowment of series.

Prestacionalmente is able to score a 0 to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds and approves an average consumption combined 5.3 l/100 km.

In figures BMW R nineT Scrambler a length of 2.175 mm, a width of 880mm, a seat height of 820mm and a weight in running order of 220 kg, being your tank of 17 liters.

Gallery of images of the BMW R nineT Scrambler: