BMW records all the names between M1 CS and M8 CS how future versions of the radicals on the road?


Prototypes of the BMW M2 and M4 have been hunted recently with settings more aggressive.

We are witnessing a silent revolution in the range BMW, the incorporation of models in segments in which the signature of Munich had never fought, as the MPV, bind the multitude of variants of bodywork that we have seen the birth in recent years, as the sedans sport Gran Coupe or the sedans body fastback Gran Turismo.

More recently, it has been discovered that the next generation of the 5 Series GT will be renamed to 6-Series GT, which tells us that BMW in addition to will restructure their denominations to position the new generations, and probably also the new models that are coming, as you mentioned in your day on the family of front wheel drive models.

One of the novelties that seem to have seeped in is the of the possible new variants CS, since the brand has recently recorded all the combinations between the designations “M1 CS” and “M8 ” CS”, both inclusive. That does not mean, nor that these eight possible versions come to see the light, in fact it could be none, or that the mark is intended to create versions M of all its models, in all segments it competes in.


The BMW M4 CS, limited edition only for Spain.

Currently co-exist M2, M3, M4, M5 and M6. But with a possible arrival of a new 8 Series, which are well may be the current 6-Series with another name, it would not be surprising to see grow this family of sports models.

For some media, the initials CS are reminiscent of the classic BMW 2800 CS (E9) and the more recent M3 CSL, however, a few months ago because was born a M4 CS, the BMW M4 Competition Sport Edition launched exclusively for the Spanish market this year, with a print run of only 60 copies.

being used these acronyms for this very purpose, we would be faced with alternative, more radical than the original models. In the case of the recent M4 CS, with an engine boosted by a 20 HP, with 450 HP and 550 Nm of torque, and numerous other elements finished in carbon fiber view, in addition to a kit outside of body-very aggressive.


This prototype could be the anticipation of a new version of CS for the M4.

The use of BMW will be able to give to these new acronyms whether Club Sport, Competition Sport or simply Coupe Sport, only time will tell. However, in recent times we have been able to capture a series of intriguing prototypes that could give us some clue on this topic.