BMW Remote 3D View, a preview of what is coming with the new Series 5

BMW Serie 5The sedan German is renewed within a few weeks. It is expected that the company of the blades, take your new BMW 5-Series at the Automobile Salon of Paris, an appointment in which we will be able to contemplate what they have managed to make with the model. And is that have had work ahead of them. This generation that is about to arrive must face the Mercedes E-Class, in a state of enviable shape, and the Volvo S90, which comes betting heavily on the segment. Later will come the Audi A6, which will also have to slow down. Well, to go ahead of the novelties it brings, BMW has released a video where explains the operation of the system Remote 3D View.

This system allows the owner to know in real time everything that happens around your car. The model has installed a series of cameras throughout your body and wide, with which you can send the necessary information. Thanks to your internet connection, the owner you can log in and see your car from the mobile phone screen, a technology that has not talked too much about the manufacturer but which he has called powerfully the attention.

BMW Serie 5Within a few weeks, in the appointment of paris, we will leave doubts. We’ve been several months waiting for the new generation of the sedan, and although the company has gradually been revealing information, we still have much to learn. The past month of June, the same firm published a series of images where we could see the new BMW 5-Series in its last stages of development. The sedan wore a dress of camouflage and not allowed to see too many details. We could only get an idea of the dimensions and basic shapes of your body.

Here is the video where BMW explains the technology Remote 3D View. Will have to wait still to hear the full right to the new BMW 5-Series.

Source – BMW

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