BMW, Renault and Volkswagen protesting the imminent cycle WLTP mandatory


looming landslides and avalanches to the motor industry in Europe. From September 2017 each new approval in our continent is via cycle WLTP, in addition to the existing and infamous NEDC. Another thing is the models already approved.

The avalanches that are going to take are approvals and adjustments in models that are already on sale. From September this year every new car sold must have passed those tests, otherwise, you will not be able to enroll.

manufacturers have therefore to ensure that all of their models pass Euro 6 with the cycle WLTP, or otherwise, will begin to accumulate a stock that could not be sold. A problemón. Some voices in the industry are already warning of the bottlenecks that are going to produce.


Peugeot 308 with computer emissions analysis portable (PEMS)

That manufacturers may not sell blow thousands of units will have a negative impact in several sectors, as can be the distribution, or the factory, forced to stop his activity with the implications that will have that in the job.

The engineers will take between weeks and months to ensure that the different models can be approved. The cycle WLTP has a test-phase on-road measurement of emissions in real conditions, so that it is much more difficult to comply with the limits for Euro 6, suitably relaxed to 2020.

The current cycle, NEDC has become a real strainer by which cars that do not meet either the limits of the Euro 3 (2000) in the real world to sell new ones every day and are contributing to the air of large cities is unbreathable. Organizations such as the ICCT take warning years.


The cycle NEDC is has always been carried out in laboratory, on terms and conditions established and with a regulation to be too lax on some issues

BMW warns you that you are going to delay various models, such as some 7-Series, X1, X2, X5 and X6. In function of its volume, the brand will give more priority to some versions. From may will start the interruptions of the production of such models.

For its part, from Renault Carlos Ghosn was asked in the last conference results-February 16 – if the customer will assume the additional cost of measures anti-pollution. Some models may be discontinued if the increase of price looms unaffordable for the pocket of the average citizen, others will be “punished” by customers.

Volkswagen also see a problem, especially at the level of costs and the impact that will have on their income statements. In reality are going to assume that cost on a deferred basis, because it is something that had to be done long ago so that their cars meet the emission regulations. By the way, according to its financial results, Volkswagen has a good balance, for this and more.


emissions Test of a Land Rover Discovery

In the wake of the scandal of the diesel engines, the european authorities began to get more serious with the enforcement of the regulations, not only from the point of view of approval, but the use that really make the europeans of the car. The cycle NEDC did not have much to do with the “european driving cycle” enrolled in their acronyms.

Volkswagen has been hunted by his deception of the authorities, many other manufacturers are in the spotlight for having done the same, according to interpretations very creative of the rules of evidence. In the end it seems that will be better the public health, manufacturers have to scratch the pocket, but that is their problem.

there Will be some side effects, such as versions of low volume that will not be able to adapt to WLTP cost-effectively, and that includes some utilities diesel, sports, or some few SUV’s. The summer will be interesting, some dealers are liarán to register models so that in September can be sold without problem.