BMW replaces its head of marketing for the Philips

As if signings of players they were, the big brands enters them to their managers and engineers for large sums of money. Recently we saw as Faraday’s Future remained with the former engineer of BMW, Ulrich Kranz. Now the tide change, because BMW replaces its head of marketing, Ian Robertson, by Pieter Note. An executive who occupies that same position in the home electronics Philips. Is it because cars are becoming more like electronic devices?

The change of directors will be effective from 1 January 2018. After that date, which is currently the chief marketing officer of Philips will be responsible of the next making of BMW in this matter. An age key by taking into account the launch of models to a market with growing demand for technology.

BMW replaces its head of marketing after having worked with him for 10 years. Was praised several times by the CEO of BMW, Norbert Reithofer: “Even when we have gone through challenging times with the international economic situation, Robertson has ensured that our company has had an uninterrupted growth, with a sales record after another. I would like to thank him for his achievements and I am happy to continue with us as an ambassador for the BMW Group”.

is A new era for BMW and its Connected Drive?

Robertson came out in headlines last year when declare that the conduct autonomous real was much further away of what some believe. This statement is far from the last movements of BMW with efforts like that are doing to have its first autonomous car on the street to 2021.

The new marketing director of BMW you do not have experience in the automotive sector. Prior to working for Philips, he held various executive positions in the company’s cosmetics and skin care Beiersdorf AG (Nivea). According to Harald Krüger, chairman of the board of management of BMW: “I Am convinced that the history of Pieter Note in innovation and development will remain a leader in our company and its products through the future of our Connected Drive”.

Source – Coach

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