BMW reveals to us the roadster concept that will be presented at Pebble Beach


First image of the roadster.

The German firm has revealed the first, but blurred image of the roadster that will present next Thursday at the events of Pebble Beach. This, in theory, is the prototype that gives us an insight of the future successor of the BMW Z4, a model that at this moment it is going through the final stages of its development.

After a first teaser to silhouette mode, which we only showed the profile of a model of an open body, we can now see, or at least intuit, the actual forms of the prototype, which has an aggressive setting roadster and a bare-bones windshield-type speedster. At a glance it reminds us of the recent BMW 8 Series concept, a model that anticipates the new Series 8, the successor to the current 6-Series. At least the design language is concerned.

The front headlights feature a few of the ways something more vertical than the 8 Series concept, but its style is very similar to this. The double kidney grille acquires some ways very sculpted, but in place of vertical slats takes on a black grid with metallic touches of sporty look.


Teaser of the model.

On the side we find a few panels very sculpted, as in the case of the 8 Series concept, with a marked shoulder line that rises as we get closer to the rear, and an embossed bottom side mark the area of the sills. Although the rear area we can’t see it, it will be appreciated as the rear wheel arch is very strong and muscular.

Calls powerfully the attention is so small that you see the windshield, and behind him we can see the arches of the anti-roll vintage style that already revealed in the first teaser-type silhouette.

Her presentation will take place this Thursday, August 17 at Pebble Beach, an event in which the German brand is usually participate actively. We don’t know if this prototype is, but the successor of the Z4 will be based on the same development also will be born the future Toyota Supra, so that both models will share mechanical and chassis. One of the novelties of this new generation of the roadster German will be the return to the roof of lon practicable, so that you will leave the retractable roof of metal that had the previous generation model.