BMW urges Uk to maintain the free trade with the EU

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Theresa May, prime Minister of the United Kingdom, it will very seriously. In statements to the media the leader of the country anglo-saxon has already said that he wants the best of belonging to the European Union and who does not want the worst. Come on, wants to take the Brexit by the way that she wants, but what you may not have thought of is that there are rules that cannot be broken as well. The problem is that the automotive industry is in the middle and can be greatly affected.

we have Already seen that exports of vehicles new ones that come out of the Spanish factories made United Kingdom have fallen from an average of 16 percent; but it is that things could be worse. Many are the brands that have strong interests in the country (Nissan, Toyota, Tata, BMW), and many are the warranties that May have been given, but at this point in the game we don’t know if you will be able to give them to you all.

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One of the brands that major interests have in the Uk is BMW. The Bayerische have in your group two of the british labels most iconic of all time and obviously if the trade relations with England to wrest its future is complicated. Mini and Rolls-Royce have its most important production centers as well as offices and studies design and engineering in the country anglo-saxon, and if the European Union is made it would be with the british the development and manufacturing costs could be multiplied making the accounts do not come out.

therefore, from the German firm have stated that the best thing for the car industry british (and european) is that Uk follow being within the single market common. In addition, requested to London that guarantees that the country will continue to to have access to the free market without the imposition of tariffs or taxes on trade by the European Union. By now neither one thing nor another, will have to see how events unfold and if finally the United Kingdom consider in the interest of its economy.

Source – BMW