BMW will exhibit two prototypes in Monterrey


The Monterey Car Week be the venue chosen by BMW to show for the first time to the public two new prototypes . No official confirmation, it is believed that one of them could be the unprecedented BMW M2 .


BMW | Boceto de volante (Monterrey Car Week 2015) B MW confirmed officially presenting two prototypes that will be displayed under the Monterey Car Week , to be held in California during the month of August. The ad ran from US subsidiary of the German mark , indicating that the concept cars will be part of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of BMW.

The BMW M2 could debut in Monterrey in August.

The only image released by BMW to date is that of a sketch of a sport steering wheel with futuristic design, which looks like a derivative of Formula 1.

Strictly speaking the truth the sketch looks like the wheel used on another prototype presented recently by the German mark: the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage, presented in the last Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este , on the shores of Lake Como in Italy last May.

For now, what will be the two prototype is kept secret although in the realm of speculation, it could be a preview to BMW M2 Production , the more radical variant of Series 2 , which has been hunted several times while carrying out road tests, something that has some support given that Monterrey was the venue chosen by BMW to show for the first time in 2013. M4

In the second prototype is known even less, but the wheel of futuristic design might indicate that this is a design study farthest to a possible series production model. Anyway, for now we must be attentive to August 13 when will take place the beginning of the week’s car Monterey.





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