BMW will give the final leap to the Formula E in 2018


BMW Motorsport has been involved this season in the Formula E with its technical agreement with the team, Andretti Autosport, although the German manufacturer has more ambitious plans for its presence in the contest of single-seaters-electric FIA. So has recognized the own Jens Marquardt, who expected that the landing of the final mark in the category to take place in the season 2018-19, at which time it is expected to compete with only a single-seater and the manufacturers will be able to make more out of the development and production of its own power units.

In this aspect, Jens Marquardt in statements to ‘’ acknowledged: “We are working better each time with Andretti and the truth is that we are learning a lot. it Is very important to this experience of face-to-the fifth season, when we want to have our own BMW engine in the car. There are many things that we must prepare them to be ready at that time. Currently, we are helping with the simulations and the data processing the team from Munich. In addition there are people in the team to help and support. There is always one person in each ePrix, sometimes up to two or three, depends on the moment”.

despite this preparation, Jens Marquardt, has explained that BMW Motorsport shows no special interest in the Formula And increase your speed, currently limited to 225 km/h. Although it is true that are planned increases in performance in the cars for the next few seasons, the pattern of BMW believes that there is no need to increase dramatically the maximum speed of the Formula E and that on the contrary, special emphasis should be placed on the interaction with the fans and the careers of the virtual type, as the which will be held this year in Las Vegas. At the end, to Marquardt this is more important than achieving a higher speed in a straight line.