BMW will help the owners of a MINI to rent their vehicles

MINI developed a system through which owners of vehicles of their brand, they can rent them when not in use. The system is part of an initiative of BMW related to a mobility service, similar to Uber.

MINI-Cooper-5-puertas-1Andn the framework of the Car show in Beijing, which takes place this week, BMW unveiled a project through which owners of vehicles of the MINI brand will be able to to transform the time of inactivity of their cars in cash, the use of a system specifically designed by BMW for this purpose.

according to indicating Automotive News, MINI plans in the short term their vehicles are available with a device that allows its owners to rent their vehicles. Thanks to this system, the owners can make a real-time tracking of the location of your vehicle, and accept payment by the use of the service. According to the head of MINI Peter Schwarzenbauer, it will be a system similar to Airbnb, a community marketplace that lets you rent houses or rooms to third parties.

This rental property is part of an initiative of BMW related to the so-called mobility services, a little in the line of Uber, a system that allows people to rent a private vehicle, but with a driver. BMW already uses systems car-sharing in some cities in Europe and plans to expand that activity adding a delivery service of the vehicle and a chauffeur service.

according to Schwarzenbauer, BMW plans the training and certification of drivers, which will allow you to secure a product premium, which initially will be available in various cities in united States. The system with driver use fixed prices instead of dynamic method used by Uber, in which the rates are higher in periods of high demand.