BMW will launch a new 8 Series in 2018 and we already know your silhouette

BMW Serie 8 primera generación

When BMW launched the first 8 Series (E31) never expected it to become the legend it is today. That sport was in production between the years 1989 and 1999. In that time featured mechanical gasoline in configuration V8 and V12 with powers that ranged between 286 and 380 hp in the most powerful version made by the division M.

The production of the BMW 8 Series ceased may 12, 1999 and ended with the manufacture of a 30.700 units. Its volume of sales was not for anything high, but it served to exponentially improve the image of the signature bavarian. However, with the increasing competitiveness in the automotive sector and the high costs of development the brand had not returned to raise his resurrection.

BMW Serie 8

however, in these last years have emerged a number of prototypes that show us how could it be the return to the life of the Series 8. The last that we shall know will be presented officially to the public next may 28. The chosen place is the Concorso d’eleganza Villa d’este and will dress with lines of concept.

Of this concept we do not have many data for BMW is finalising its details for the presentation. At the technical level will use the brand new platform CLAR already mounted the 5-Series and 7-Series. Taking this fact into account is to imagine that will have at its disposal the latest technology of the brand. In addition, its range mechanics to good insurance will be covered for mechanical gasoline, any more than likely a hybrid and a version signed by M.

his design we do not know anything in addition to picture that we have advance. In she sees a silhouette is very balanced with short overhangs (intuídos) and a few more. Your headlights appear to have led technology and little more. This image corresponds with the version of the coupé, but surely there will be a homeless that will delight the most gourmets.

arrival in the market is planned for the year 2018 but still lack official confirmation on the part of BMW. In the meantime we will be glad of the sight of their lines when they are discovered the next day 28.

Source – BMW