BMW will take five days to manufacture each unit of the M4 GTS

as the saying goes, the things of palace go slowly. And it is not for less. The BMW M4 GTS was presented as the most high-tech mechanics of the world. A technical marvel that it is not easy to manufacture, as demonstrated by the five units that will be produced per day.


it is Not easy to make a model like the M4 GTS, and this is why BMW will take five days to produce one

The process will start in the month of march is coming, and BMW expects to conclude the production in December. Almost 10 months of work to bring to light the 700 planned units, all of them already sold. According to the data, about 300 will go to the united States, 50 in Canada and 30 in the Uk. The rest will be divided between the rest of countries.

The BMW M4 GTS will start on the assembly lines as a M4 normal, however they will be incomplete and waiting to be sent to the factory of BMW M, the same place where he built racing cars like the BMW M6 GT3. Each unit will be completed by hand, which is a great effort and many hours of work.

After reaching the plant M, the M4 will begin to be slowly transformed in the GTS. It will install the panels of carbon fiber, the interior, the arches of safety, the rear spoiler, the wheels of diamond, and even the rear lights with OLED technology. A novelty for the time being will be exclusive to the model.

of course we can not forget the engine. Based on the well-known six-cylinder biturbo engine and three liters of BMW, the specialized mechanics of the division M system will be installed for injection of water, in addition to replacing certain components like the exhaust or the suspension. Thanks to this, the M4 GTS is what it is, 500 HP and 600 Nm of torque.


The M4 series will change almost all elements of the interior

These data well I have used the M4 most radical of all to become a true rocket on four wheels. Its acceleration from 0 to 100 Km/h is 3.8 seconds and its top speed of 305 Km/h. It is not surprising that it has marked one of the best times in Nürburgring, giving a lap in 7:28 minutes. Awesome.