BMW X1 long wheelbase, a SUV larger for China

BMW X1 de batalla largaIn China, first came the fever of the saloon car battle extended. Models such as the BMW 3 Series or the Volvo S60 have in the asian country versions with longer wheelbase, in order to foster the livability in the rear seats. This fashion has slowly been coming to the SUV of the hand of models such as the Infiniti QX50 and even other markets. Now BMW also adds to this fashion BMW X1 battle extended, a variant that has been discovered thanks to a leak from the patent office.

BMW already offers versions of battle long, but only in the sedans. The 7-Series is offered in all the markets with its two bodies, although in China the BMW 3 Series and 5 Series can also win an extra space between the axles. As expected, this SUV shares the platform UKL with the normal variant that is already marketed and the cosmetic changes do not go beyond a back door to higher dimensions. The battle of the BMW X1 is 2.67 metres and in this extended version grows approximately 100mm.

BMW X1 de batalla largaThis variant is designed for the Chinese market, which values a lot of space for the legs, and will arrive in 2016, although, in principle, will not leave the borders of the asian giant. At least it will not come to Europe. Who look here for a BMW X1 bigger, you have to know that the germans are already working on a version of seven-seater model, with a longer rear overhang, which should be released throughout the coming year.

BMW X1 de batalla largaSource – pcauto

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