BMW X2 Concept, first teasers before your presentation

BMW X2 Concept teaserTo a few hours at the Paris Salon 2016 we continue to see new developments who will be these days. One of them was in the pipeline and wanted to be slightly. We talked about the BMW X2 Concept, a prototype that will be advancement to the next SUV coupe production. For the moment we have only been able to see a couple of teasers of this model, an image under a bed sheet and a video that shows your silhouette.

To judge by the material available it seems pretty clear that the X2 Concept will be a kind of little brother of the BMW X4. Used as the basis for the platform UKL, which we also see in the BMW X1 or MINI. As you may expect, you’ll have enough elements in common with the X1, although they want their image to be quite different. That’s why the BMW X2 Concept will look more sporty and dynamic, following the lines of the other SUV coupe.

In the image we can see a few headlights thinner, different to those of the X1. We can also imagine a side more energetic, with a marked wheel arches. Of course, your height will be less, and your fall from the ceiling more pronounced, the indispensable condition in this segment. The range of engines will be inherited directly from the BMW X1 and this means that you will have front-wheel drive or the all-wheel drive xDrive optionally for powerful versions.

the official presentation of The BMW X2 Concept is set for tomorrow, when you open the doors the Paris Salon. Therefore we will have to wait a few hours to learn their final appearance and all details. Of time will be a conceptual model, but it is expected that in 2017 to reach a X2 production that will not be very different to the prototype.

Source – BMW