BMW X2: the sketches of the patent reveal to us your final design


Sketches of the patent of the new BMW X2.

BMW presented the X2 Concept in the past Hall of Paris 2016, a prototype classroom that we ahead of the final forms of the production model and that from what we can see in these new images, from the registration of patents in japanese, close enough to the actual design of the model that we will see at the dealership.

To be reliable these sketches of the patent, which tend to be, the new BMW X2 production has some traits very similar to the concept seen in Paris. Saving certain aesthetic details, the main lines are very similar and in some cases identical, such as the waist line or the windows. In fact, the profile view is in the more similarities we find. But that does not mean that the front and the behind are very different.

In the front we can see the shapes of the kidneys of the grille and headlights are very similar, while the bumper is changed to a less aggressive, losing the way in bas-relief but with respect to the forms diagonals that were on the edges, although now in the form of the optical auxiliary, and a grid is obscured in the bumper.


On the side is where we find most similar.

At the back we find more differences that the disappears, the muscular rear bumper with the huge exhaust outlets to the sides of a large diffuser in favor of a bumper is more traditional, with a large hole for the license plate. In the upper zone we find a tailgate different with a few riders in the rear is larger and less stylized than those in the prototype room.

These changes bring it closer aesthetically to the model from which it is supposedly derived, the compact crossover X1, although this version more sports will continue to be more stylized and somewhat more muscular. The front is also more aggressive, and for lack of a closest comparison, seems to have a lower height and with a roof line with more drop on the X1.

Your presentation is already very close, in the absence of the signature of the Munich confirm it, hope to see you at the Frankfurt motor show, which is held from 14 to 24 September 2017.