BMW X3 2017 hunted with the finish, M Sport


New exhaust outlets, and oversized for the M Sport.

development testing of the new generation of the BMW X3 continues at the expected rate, and after having captured several mules testing with elements interim, we have already had occasion to study some of the past prototypes already have their definitive elements.

On this occasion, our photographers have been able to hunt two copies of the new model, in which we can see the apparent differences among versions of this new generation. On the one hand we find a X3 standard, with the same items as seen in photos spies of other prototypes, and on the other side a X3 already equipped with the finish M Sport.

This last has new elements clearly visible and differentiated, despite the profound work of camouflage that the brand uses in its prototypes. If you both appreciate a grill more discovered that on other occasions, and that seems to be of greater size, in the unit of dark color, we find a bumper in its lower area shows a few entries of air, the more marked, and without the central element which has the unit of light-colored.


Recreation of the future BMW X3 2017. Credits: OmniAuto.

In the same way, if the unit is of light color has double exhaust exit circular, the exemplary dark shows some new exhaust outlets, and oversized, which differ from those seen previously in another prototype of the M version. On that occasion, we could find a way out exhaust oval look more rudimentary, while now we find a piece more elaborate, that could be the defining element.

As we advance, the future generation of the X3 will have an M version that could be around 500 HP, although the mule of evidence that we have been able to study previously differs from that displayed these images. On that occasion, the front bumper showing a configuration of the bumper is more aggressive, with larger air inlets, in addition to wheels of larger size.

This new generation of the X3 should be submitted by the end of 2017 or beginning of 2018, glittery platform CLAR that will use all the models of the brand between the 3 Series and the 7 Series. Which will allow a significant weight saving in the new model, thanks to the use of lighter materials.