BMW X3 2017: the new generation of the SUV is still in development and loses more camouflage

BMW X3 2017 - foto espía lateral

The BMW X3 2017 is still losing camouflage in these new spy pictures.

Although in the past few months we had managed to hunt “in commission of a crime” to the versions and variants more sports that will make up the range of new BMW X3 2017, the truth is that was a long time that our photographers were not with the model of series that will hit the market next year. The new generation of the BMW X3 will come loaded with new features and these new spy photos we can see a unit that turns to lose camouflage.

Compared to the units that we have photographed previously, the loss of camouflage takes place especially on both doors as well as in the exterior mirrors. If the BMW X3 2017 is still not “naked” of all, the most important thing that we offer you the new generation of the SUV, BMW does not reside specifically in the area of aesthetics.

The new BMW X3 is still losing camouflage

we Already anticipate that on an aesthetic level, the new BMW X3 will have a picture that we can qualify as a continuation of, although thanks to a number of modifications will ensure that the SUV German has a more modern look. Will be in the line of recent releases that we have seen in the family of BMW X. In a word, the X3 is more dynamic, urban and with a touch of modernity.

BMW X3 2017 - foto espía posterior

The new generation of the BMW X3 will make use of the platform CLAR.

But, leaving aside its external image, in their guts, the changes will be very important. In the first place, and as we already anticipate many months ago, the new BMW X3 2017 will be mounted on the platform CLAR. Thanks to the use of this architecture, the new generation will be lighter and more efficient. It is expected that reduce your weight by up to 100 kilograms with respect to the current model.

Going to the section mechanical, for now we don’t have very specific information, although we know that the range of engines will be composed of blocks of three-and four-cylinder both diesel and gasoline. The rear-wheel drive will come standard, although you can also opt for the all-wheel drive xDrive optional. In addition, it will be introduced a hybrid variant plug-in with a range of 100% electric up to 50 kilometers.

And for lovers of sportiness and high performance, we will have the new BMW X3 M. In the month of April we published the first spy photos of the BMW X3 M. As many suspected, the new generation of the SUV German premiere of a true version BMW M Will look more aggressive and sporty. Under its hood is expected a turbocharged six-cylinder and 3.0-liter with an output of up to 500 HP. Hit the market to rival models like the Audi RS Q5 or the Mercedes GLC 63 AMG.

BMW X3 2017 - foto espía frontal

Although its design does not present a radical change, it will transmit an image more modern and current.

¿When it will come to the
The new BMW X3 will make its debut in society in the first quarter
the next year, 2017. However, to view the X3 M will have to wait a few
more months as it will leave a space of difference with respect to the versions