BMW X3 2018: the German brand presents the new model but not uncovered


The new BMW X3 is present but not coming out.

The German brand has presented the new X3 2018 in a curious way, revealing a series of images of the prototype – still camouflaged – in the snow of northern Europe. A picture is very usual for those used to analyze spy photos, but that doesn’t reveal really the model.

presentations of This kind are not so rare for the firm of Munich, on occasion, has presented us definitive versions disguised prototype development, as might be the hybrid version of the 2-Series Active Tourer, which was introduced in 2015 at its final layout with a few vinyls on some areas of your body.

On this occasion, BMW has not skimped on this material and the new X3 2018 is shown fully camouflaged, as usual in the photos we get of the different models during their tests. The look of the new X3 is so familiar, it confirms that the last units killed were already its configuration of design and definitive elements.


at the moment there is no confirmed date of introduction.

The German firm has been very short on details, has presented the model in disguise, confirming that it has already completed its development or is at least very close to completed, but neither wanted to advance their specifications or has given clues about the date of presentation.

has only described slightly like have been developed these tests of winter in environments of low temperatures, a few kilometres from the arctic Circle Arctic, and that both the all-wheel drive system xDrive as the dynamic stability control have been suitably improved and optimized.

As button displays the images of the model to evolve in the snow, raised considerable columns of snow and allowing themselves the luxury of contravolantear at high speed, or at least, that induce to think of the photographs.


it Will be a considerable technical evolution.

In terms of what we can expect to find under the vinyl, by the time the best way to describe it would be as a X5 less daunting. Both the central body like the nose seem to have grown in volume and in the front area you will find a front with more of a presence, as distinguished from the huge kidney grille classic of the brand.

Your presentation by the time it is not known, but it is curious that
has been revealed a few days of the beginning of the Geneva
, where
in theory we should not find it. Perhaps the most likely date is
in any major event outside of Europe, in the united States or China, or
perhaps at the end of the summer, at the IAA in Frankfurt.