BMW X4 M 2018: first photos of the X4 more sports and extreme

BMW X4 M 2018 - foto espía

Hunted for the first time the new BMW X4 M.

Recently, photographers got with the BMW X4 M40i, a version of the sporty character that will be available in the range of the new generation of the BMW X4 (which is currently in development). However, this option is is very far away from those customers who wish to opt for a model BMW M pure. To date, there have been many reports that pointed to the possible development of the BMW X4 M. Well, of the hand of these spy photos we can confirm that this variant will be a reality.

for those Who have a model of sporting character and end will be able to enjoy the new BMW X4 M. For the first time, we have managed to provide with a prototype while conducting a test session on the outskirts of the factory that BMW has in South Carolina (united States). Despite being fully camouflaged, there is no room for doubt, we are faced with a model that bears the stamp of BMW M.

Some of the traits that betray the BMW X4 M 2018 are their four exhaust outlets or huge brakes that are on view thanks to the wheels employed. We also found ourselves with a front modified in the that can be sensed around the air inlets of larger size that will allow for improved cooling of the section mechanic. You can feel also some adjustments in the bumper.

BMW X4 M 2018 - foto espía

Under its hood, the BMW X4 M will use the same engine that the new X3 M that is also in development.

In its interior also will look several details that will allow you to differentiate clearly and fast the rest of models that make up the family X4. From sports pedals to a steering wheel exclusive going through some sport seats and a few carefully-selected materials to provide a finished, more elegant. With respect to the current model, will offer a cabin even more spacious thanks to the use of the platform CLAR.

Mechanically there will be no surprises as they share the engine with their “little brother”. Recall that the BMW X4 does not cease to be a model that arises directly from the BMW X3. Under your hood there will be a new engine called S58, an evolution of the S55 inline six-cylinder and 3.0-liter that powers currently in the M3 and M4, respectively. It is expected that ronde 450 CV. The engine is combined with a automatic and a awd system.

The production of the new BMW X4 will take place at the designated factory of BMW in South Carolina. it Is expected that the production will start in the first half of next year. Still there is not a filing date confirmed but with the new generation of the BMW X3 already presented, it is not unreasonable to expect a debut during the Frankfurt motor show 2017.