BMW X4 M40i, yours from 73.500 euros in Spain

BMW X4 M40i BMW X4 M40i is now available for purchase. Clients who need an SUV smaller in size to the X6 and, in addition, with an extra power and performance, have in the last creature of the range M Performance a perfect ally. It combines a distinct style and sportiness to a price in Spain of 73.500 euros. Can be ordered already at dealers, but will not arrive until the middle of this first quarter of the year.

The BMW X4 M40i is in addition to the offer M Performance, prior to the M pure. Opens a new design sports, although based on the package M that can be ordered in other versions. Added details of their own in the front and in the rear, as are a few new aerodynamic appendages or the dual outlet exhaust to both sides.

BMW X4 M40iThe M40i introduces serial all the equipment that is already available in the range X4. That is, it includes all-wheel drive xDrive, sports steering wheel, light sensors and rain, tailgate electric, cruise control with auto braking, sensors parking front and rear, Radio BMW Professional or climate control bizona.

Additionally, this sport version adds exclusive details to differentiate it from a X4 conventional. So, we are adding the 19-inch alloy wheels, package M sport with exclusive details, automatic sport with camshaft at the steering wheel, exterior mirrors finished in Ferricgrey, upholstery combination fabric/leather Pearlpoint, interior trim in aluminium or tails exhaust finished in black chrome. Among the most striking is the unique color blue Long Beach Blue that until now was only available on the X6 M.

To remember what we offer BMW with its X4 M40i, just take a look under the hood, where we find a 6-cylinder engine supercharged with 360 horses of power. Performs the 0-100 in just 4.9 seconds and the maximum speed is limited electronically to 250 km/h. Approves an average consumption of 8.6 l/100 km and 199 g/km of CO2.

Price BMW X4 M40i

Model Engine Change Price
X4 M40i 3.0 6L 360 HP Automatic 8v 73.500 euros

Source – BMW

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