BMW X5 2018, once more testing, this time in Spain


The unit testing was heavily camouflaged

last week we already had occasion to see the first mule of evidence of which will be the BMW X5 2018. Today we’re going to see it, although in another location. In fact, it has been hunted to the south of Spain, a privileged spot and a favorite for brands to make their future models. A site that we already know of other occasions.

In fact, just yesterday I presented the future BMW i5. Which will be the first model of the German house incorporating a fuel cell. But returning to the case of the X5, the truth is that few conclusions aesthetic we can get for the moment. The high content of camouflage prevents to actually see the final design.

The truth is that BMW, or any other German brand, is prone to large changes in the paragraph aesthetic. Their renovation work going the way more minor touch-ups that, while not necessarily altering the overall design of the BMW X5, yes that will keep it updated from an aesthetic point of view.


In terms of its proportions, the X5 seems that it’s not going to change much

The important presence of time elements in the body of evidence allows us to know that we are before one of the first tests of the future generation. Various mechanical elements are being subjected to different tests, such as the chassis, suspensions, brakes…

Where yes is going to change for the next generation is in their technology. The X5 is the top model range in the family SUV, along with the X6, and with the exception of the future BMW X7. It is for this reason that have to look the greater amount of technology possible, that in this time it is expected that the borrow of his namesake saloon, the BMW 5-Series.

BMW takes time, betting on the efficiency and the engines of the latest generation, the i5 is a good sample of it. The range of engines that will equip you will be up-to-date and up-to-day, offering diesel engines, gasoline and a hybrid version plug-in.


The large number of provisional components warns us that there is still a lot in the project