BMW X5 2018, the first time that is left to see in tests

At the end of the last century a new segment of vehicles was beginning to rise, the SUV. BMW saw that I could do something in this segment and for this reason in 1999 released the first of his own, the X5. More than 16 years after it prepares a new generation, and for the first time, we see that BMW X5 2018.


it Seems that the bonnet line is lower than in the current model

once more the cold north of Europe has been witness of such a discovery. We know little at the moment, but as you can see in the images we found significant changes in the design of the same. A design that is far from being completed, but that we will see evolve as development proceeds.

If we go by the vinyl of camouflage, guess a front lower than the current, but it still features the same powerful image that currently. As for the rest of the body we can infer a few changes, being the rear the that focuses, once more, all our attention with a few beacons of progress indicate to us that yes, changes will be made in this area.

it Is expected that the BMW X5 new generation reduce your weight with regard to the current. Much has advanced BMW in the development of structures and lightweight components, something that we would like to thank the BMW 7-Series. In fact, it is expected that within the weight reduction will use carbon fiber, as in the saloon of a large size.

In the mechanical part of the X5 will continue to offer a wide variety of mechanics, both diesel, petrol and hybrid plug-in. It is expected that these will not change too much, although once again will be modified by the integraciĆ³n saving technologies and efficiency. Something that will also be extensible to alternative most outstanding of all, the BMW X5 M.


The rear lamps are provisional, indicating that there will be changes in this section

This is for the time being all we know of the BMW X5 2018. This is the first time that we discover, so that we know who is in a very early stage of its development. is Not expected to launch until late next year or early 2018. He will follow his brother, almost twin, the BMW X6 which we have not yet been able to see.