BMW X7 2018: a new look at the SUV, seven-seater, with its body-final

For the second time, our photographers have managed to “take
the glove” the new BMW X7 2018
during one of the tests on the open road, the traffic they are doing
the engineers of the German mark. From a while ago, and as we have already commented
in its day, the prototypes of the X7 that circulate on the road look the body
final will be the new SUV
seven-seater BMW

BMW X7 2018 - foto espía

Continues the development of the new BMW X7. One example is this prototype that mounts the bodywork final.

We will stand before the ultimate in luxury, comfort and exclusivity of the range SUV of the German manufacturer. And it is that we will be at an authentic “mastodon” on wheels. The development of the new BMW X7 will be launched in parallel with the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, the first SUV in the history of Rolls-Royce. Of course, the X7 will play in a different league to that of the Cullinan, although it will fall short.

These new spy photos of the BMW X7 has been taken in the streets of Munich (Germany). It is obvious that the BMW engineers are finalizing the details for very soon to go to any region of the north of Europe and to face their prototype X7 at the hard european winter. We are faced with a project that began more than three years but which, for various reasons, has been slower than initially expected.

The SUV top of the range BMW will depart from the platform that utilizes the BMW 7 Series. And like the sedan, the X7 will represent the maximum exponent of its range. In regards to your image, it is better not to expect big surprises, because despite its enormous size, it will be in line with the rest of the members of the family of BMW X. Something like a BMW X5 “in size XL”.

BMW X7 2018 - foto espía

Photo spy BMW X7 2018 during a test session at road open to traffic.

on the other hand, the range of engines of the future SUV seven-seater BMW shall be composed of block V8 and V12. Engines TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder. We will have an offer very varied in that you can find both options for diesel and gasoline. In addition, a hybrid variant plug-in will be the “ecological grade”. As you might expect, we will have the possibility to configure the all-wheel drive xDrive.

¿there Will be room for an alternative BMW M? If we look at the rest of the range of BMW X we realize that it would not be unreasonable to offer a kind of BMW X7 M since the X5 and X6 have this version in their range. However, we can not say anything about it so we will have to wait.

The new BMW X7 will be manufactured at the plant that BMW has in the city of Spartanburg, in the State of South Carolina (united States). To adapt the infrastructure to the production of this new SUV, the company will make a multi-million pound investment. It will be presented sometime in the second half of next year to 2017, although will not be until 2018 when we see him in the dealers.

BMW X7 2018 - foto espía

The BMW X7 will offer a spacious interior for seven passengers.

Its price will not be anything affordable, as the version of access to the range of BMW X7 will start from 130,000 euros. Therefore, we will find options that will surpass the 150,000 euros. An SUV is not suitable for all the pockets to provide an alternative to luxurious and exclusive to the families with high purchasing power.