BMW X7, a couple of recreations of the upcoming large SUV

BMW X7 renderThe arrival of BMW X7 is a matter of time. So confirmed the German brand a while ago, although did not give more details. The large SUV is in the development stage and apparently may share some items with the next generation of the BMW X5. This means that you would use the modular platform Cluster Architecture (CLAR), which is also currently used by the BMW 7-Series.

Although the current-generation X5 is only three years old, BMW would be interested in developing a new model before time to also launch the BMW X7. The German manufacturer is putting a lot of trust in the new SUV of large dimensions, and he wants to make his flagship. So much so, that it is expected to be even more luxurious and technological that the 7-Series, the current showcase of the brand.

BMW X7 renderThe BMW X7 in principle will be offered with three rows of seats and seven-passenger capacity. Later will come a version more luxurious that will include only four individual seats, with a back that is very developed. You’ll have a few seats ventilated, heated and massage, in addition to power control, a full infotainment system with a large number of functions.

In terms of the range of engines is expected to incorporate engines of diesel and gasoline six-and eight-cylinders, from the BMW X5. It will also provide the mechanics V12 6.6-liter. From its outside appearance by the time we have to make do with a couple of digital re-creations, because there is no detail official. The launch of the BMW X7 is expected for the year 2019 and it is expected that its price is well above the 7 Series.

Source – OmniAuto/Theophilus Chin