BMW X7, the blatant plagiarism of the Range Rover Evoque that China does not dare to make

If we say that BMW X7 Range Rover Evoque is manufactured under license, no one would doubt the statement. But how terrible of the matter is that the BMW X7 is blatant plagiarism of the Range Rover Evoque made to face Land Rover, that nothing can be done to defend against this offense to copyright wheels. It will soon be released for sale, for a price of around a third of the cost of the Evoque. Imported into China, the price of SUV premium English is almost double the price here.

A replica of metal and plastic

Plagiarism is so blatant that distinguish a hard drive from another.

Its exterior dimensions are nearly identical. Its design is a replica, except for details on the front, such as the shape of the lighting strips LED daytime. And although the grille itself is different, the pattern honeycomb background itself is identical to that of Land Rover. Nothing to say of a side profile, which almost reaches to mimic the shape of the tire, so characteristic of Land Rover. At the rear, more of the same: exhaust outlets, typography, optical LED … all shouts Range Rover


landwind-x7-copia-7 Of course, this is only the exterior of the car. While inside the car itself is more differentiated appearance of the Range Rover Evoque, the overall shape of the dashboard and center console form are more than inspired by the Evoque. While it is employing a conventional gear lever and not roulette Range Rover – maybe too expensive to imitate? – Their surfaces are similar. The shape of the instrumentation, infotainment system screen … there is no possible excuse for BMW .

Possibly Landwind is the company with the design department vaguer history. Either that or pay them wrong. From UK complaints have not been slow in coming. This blatant plagiarism has raised ire in Land Rover, but the lawyers of the British company can not do anything against the Chinese lax copyright laws . These laws protect Chinese industry, and allow them to legally run these tremendous plagiarism to face foreign owners of intellectual property.

landwind-x7-copia-2 The engine of the BMW X7 is an 2.0 Turbo with 190 hp and 250 Nm of torque associated with a manual gearbox six relations automatic transmission or eight relations, probably supplied ZF or locally manufactured there.

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