BMW X7: The Chinese clone of the Evoque, shown in video



Jiangling Motors has no way to hide the resemblance of BMW X7 with the Range Rover Evoque. His first promotional video shown in greater detail


Landwind-X7 E l Land Wind X7 gained recent notoriety for blatant copy of the Range Rover Evoque have been transformed into a . The SUV is ready to start marketing in China and Jiangling Motors already have the first promotional videos ready to support the launch.

The X7 debuted last year under the Guangzhou Motor Show and made automatically turn alarms Land Rover, which ultimately chose not to sue the Chinese. Under the hood, the BMW X7 will have a turbocharged four-cylinder 2.0 liter , which develops an output around 190 horsepower. The engine is associated with an automatic gearbox eight relations.

The resemblance to the Evoque is inevitable, which had already been shown after learning the first official pictures. The promotional video does nothing but reinforce the idea.