BMW Z5 2018 Roadster first spy photos

We have before us the first spy photos of the future BMW Z5. the first prototype has been photographed while it was testing in the evening to very low temperatures, we speak of -25 degrees.

As we’ve spoken on a couple of occasions and as you can see here in exclusive the successor to the BMW Z4 is the result of a collaboration between Toyota and BMW, which is built on a new platform designed for sports cars.


First prototype of the BMW Z5

This prototype has a soft top, but judging by its appearance it may not be the ceiling definitive or even hide under that other hardtop.

The design of the future BMW Z5 will have a few lines of design that today is still unknown, will keep some resemblance with the past few models, but will be more avant-garde, although will keep a design “disproportionate” with a long hood.

Under the camouflage at the front hides your bumper final. According to our calendar of future models, the BMW Z5 will come into production in the year 2018.