Bombshell!!! Ferdinand Piëch sold his part of the Volkswagen Group

Ferdinand Piëch Grupo Volkswagen

Volkswagen Group is about to live one of the most important moments of its history. The Dieselgate that has gotten you in the mess you’re trying to solve in these moments it seems that it will have more consequences than initially expected when it exploded in his hands. In this case not only speak on the subject of pecuniary or image to their signatures, but I could see how the property of a large part of its shares fall into the hands of other people.

Great part of the recent history of the German conglomerate has been under the plans of Ferdinand Piëch. The grandson of the founder of Porsche has been the protagonist of the sporting successes of the firm founded by his grandfather in the 60’s and 70’s, he led the reinvention of Audi as a signature premium and technology as we know it today and has forged the final growth of the Group up to what we know today. However, the internal wars between Piëch (family Porsche-Piëch) and his cousin Winterkorn (grandson of Ferdinand Porsche and a member of the family Wolfgang-Porsche) and the Dieselgate has changed the history of the conglomerate forever.

Grupo Volkswagen Winterkorn vs Piech

As has been uncovered by the German weekly Der Spiegel, Ferdinand Piëch would have decided to leave the Volkswagen Group and sell its package of shares. Currently controls 14.7 percent of the total capital of the German conglomerate, and its market value could be around one billion dollars. Obviously before the shares fall into the hands of investors without scruples that could change the pace of your story, there are other major players interested in taking this package of shares.

As the Volkswagen Group (the part of the majority in the capital) is in the hands of the two families heirs of the saga, Porsche-Piëch and Wolfgang-Porsche, there are parties that have preferential right over the acquisition of the package of shares of Piëch. Therefore, there should not be much of an issue in that the German conglomerate follow in the hands of the family that motorized to the Germany of the 40’s.

Be to see the progress the Dieselgate and if the family Porsche-Piëch finally decides to get rid of your capital in the Group, because the impact to the firm could be much greater than we can imagine.

Source – Der Spiegel

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