Book day: 10 gift ideas for petrolheads

The Day of the Book is a holiday that is celebrated worldwide with the aim of to promote reading and in the publishing industry nationally and internationally to the public at least once a year (if we all should read a little more, and once in a while on paper).

In we propose to 10 books that you can buy/gift to whoever you want, always and when you have a certain passion for the automotive world, of course.

50 years of the Pirelli Calendar


In 1964, the manufacturer of tires Pirelli decided to start to publish annually and exclusively a calendar of photographs with the most famous models of the moment. Now 50 years after that, the editorial Taschen has published a book that collects the best shots of a half century of calendars for an approximate price of eur 48.

Gentlemen, start your engines!


I Wish we could surround ourselves with some of the sports and classic’s most iconic and gentleman of all times. This book (in English) collects photographs of some of the most sought-after models in the auctions of Bonhams as well as history around them. On sale for about 56 euros.

BMW Artcars


Some of the vehicles most emblematic and iconic of BMW have been placed at the disposal of contemporary artists from 1975 to unite the concepts art and car in one. This book collects in 200 pages details and photographs of the vehicles and artists who have participated over these years. Price, 37 euros.

Porsche 911: 50 Years


If you are a lover of Porsche this book should be on your bookshelf. Half a century one of the sport’s most iconic collected in this piece that unites history, design, development, competition, style, and culture of the German vehicle in all its models and variants. Price: 40 euros.

Art of the race


This book reflects the work of the photographer Darren Heath from the point of view of the lens static in place of the tv cameras and shows the tension, the atmosphere, the heat, speed and potential of the category queen of motorsport from a whole new point of view. On sale for 33 euros.

How To Drive Ben Collins)


Hidden under the character of The Stig, Ben Collins has for years been the specialist faster Top Gear. In this book (in English), the experienced pilot shares some of their stories, techniques and tips squeezing a car. On sale for something less than 26 euros.

McQueen’s Machines


There are actors with vocation of pilots and pilots with vocation of actors. Steve McQueen is one of those characters that will go down in history for not knowing exactly whether it belongs to the first or second group. In this book there are and have details of the vehicles (cars and motorcycles), both of which he has been owner as with the competed or fought movie. Price: 17 euros.

, Jeep The adventure never stops


on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the signature american premiered this book presents in 156 pages beginnings Jeep as a brand, their suvs and the progress up to the present and future of the brand in a excusivo book for a price of 280 euros.

The Chopper


The movement most rebellious of the motorcycle told from their origins in 1920 to the present, passing by the well-known film Easy Rider. History, brands/builders and photograph in a book by Paul d’orleans (in English). The price, 80 euros.

Havana, Autos & Architecture


The capital of Cuba, like the rest of the island, seem to frozen in time both architecturally and in terms of mobility by the embargo and the shortage of materials. This book picks up with a extensive photographic work quality dress environment of the streets of Havana and its cars for a price of 136 euros.

One more thing: Bookends Porsche


Using a brake disc real Porsche 911, the signing of Stuttgart has designed this bookends luxury that will decorate and fulfill their role in the shelves of the most addicted to the four wheels. Your price 172 eur.